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Georg Seelig

228 CSE
Campus Box 352500
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: 206-616-3885
Research Web Page: Seelig Lab for Synthetic Biology​


Georg Seelig is an associate professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and of computer science and engineering. He is also an adjunct associate professor of bioengineering. Seelig holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and did postdoctoral work in synthetic biology and DNA nanotechnology at Caltech. He received a Burroughs Wellcome Foundation Career Award at the Scientific Interface in 2008, an NSF Career Award in 2010, a Sloan Research Fellowship in 2011, a DARPA Young Faculty Award in 2012 and an ONR Young Investigator Award in 2014.

The Seelig group is interested in understanding how biological organisms process information using complex biochemical networks and how such networks can be engineered to program cellular behavior. The focus of our research is the identification of systematic design rules for the de novo construction of biological control circuits with DNA and RNA components. Our approach integrates the design of molecular circuitry in the test tube and in the cell with the investigation of existing biological pathways. Engineered circuits are being applied to problems in disease diagnostics and therapy.

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