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James Ritcey

James Ritcey
Communications and Signal Processing
454 EE1 Bldg.
Box 352500
University of WA
Seattle, WA 98195

Personal page
Phone: (206) 543-4702

University of California-San Diego Ph.D.
Syracuse University MSEE
Duke University BSE

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Research Interests

The main focus of my research is statistical signal processing, with applications to wireless communications, underwater acoustic communications, and radar/sonar signal processing. Recent projects include coded modulation based on BICM, interference rejection,network security and intruder detection , and underwater acoustic communications.

Selected Journal Papers

Loukas Lazos, Radha Poovendran, and James A. Ritcey Analytic Evaluation of Target Detection in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, to appear

Colin N. Reinhardt, Sermsak Jaruwatanadilok, Yasuo Kuga, Akira Ishimaru, and James A. Ritcey, "Investigation of multilevel amplitude modulation for a dual-wavelength free-space optical communications system using realistic channel estimation and minimum mean-squared error linear equalization," Applied Optics, Vol. 47, Issue 29, pp. 5378-5389.

C Polprasert, JA Ritcey, "A Nakagami Fading Phase Difference Distribution and its Impact on BER Performance," Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on July 2008, 7, Issue: 7, pp 2805-2813

5. Loukas Lazos, Radha Poovendran, and James A. Ritcey Detection of Mobile Targets on the Plane and in Space using Heterogeneous Sensor Networks ACM/Springer Journal on Wireless Networks (WINET), 2007.

Yuheng Huang Ritcey, J.A., Joint iterative channel estimation and decoding for bit-interleaved coded modulation over correlated fading channels, Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Sept. 2005, Vol: 4, 5 pp 2549- 2558

Yuheng Huang Ritcey, J.A. , Improved 16-QAM constellation labeling for BI-STCM-ID with the Alamouti scheme Communications Letters, IEEE Feb. 2005, Vol 9, 2 pp 157- 159

Huang, Y. Ritcey, J.A. Optimal constellation labeling for iteratively decoded bit-interleaved space-time coded Modulation, Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on, May 2005 Volume: 51, Issue: 5, 1865-1871

Huaning Niu Ritcey, J., Pilot-symbol-assisted LDPC coded BICM over correlated Rayleigh fading channels, Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Sept. 2005 Vol4, 5 pp 2076-2082

Huaning Niu Manyuan Shen Ritcey, J.A. Hui Liu A factor graph approach to iterative channel estimation and LDPC decoding over fading channels Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on, July 2005 Vol 4, pp 41345- 1350

Y Huang, JA Ritcey, 16-QAM BICM-ID in fading channels with imperfect channel state information, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 2003, vol. 2, no5, pp. 1000-1007

Xiaodong Li; Ritcey, J.A., Trellis-coded modulation with bit interleaving and iterative decoding , Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on, Vol.17, Iss.4, Apr 1999 Pages:715-724

Bit-interleaved coded modulation with iterative decoding and 8 PSK signaling Xiaodong Li; Chindapol, A.; Ritcey, J.A. Communications, IEEE Transactions on, Vol.50, Iss.8, Aug 2002 Pages: 1250- 1257

Bit-interleaved coded modulation with iterative decoding Xiaodong Li; Ritcey, J.A. Communications, 1999. ICC '99. 1999 IEEE International Conference on, Vol.2, Iss., 1999 Pages:858-863 vol.2

Design, analysis, and performance evaluation for BICM-ID with square QAM constellations in Rayleigh fading channels Chindapol, A.; Ritcey, J.A. Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on, Vol.19, Iss.5, May 2001 Pages:944-957

D.Rouseff, D.R. Jackson, J.A. Ritcey, W.L. Fox, C.D. Jones, D.R. Dowling," Experimental testing of passive phase conjugation for underwater acoustic communication, ''IEEE Journal on Oceanic Engineering, 2002.

W. Kohn, V. Brayman, J.A. Ritcey,"Enterprise Dynamics Via Non-Equilibrium Membrane Models,'' Open Systems and Information Dynamics, Kluwer, Vol. 7, No. 4, 2000, pp. 327-348.

Flynn, J.A.; Ritcey, J.A.; Fox, W.L.J.; Jackson, D.R.; Rouseff, D.," Decision-directed passive phase conjugation: equalisation performance in shallow water,'' Electronics Letters, pp. 1551 - 1553, 6 Dec 2001, Vol 37, Issue 25

Selected Conference Papers

Loukas Lazos, Radha Poovendran, and James A. Ritcey Probabilistic detection of mobile targets in heterogeneous sensor networks Information Processing In Sensor Networks Proceedings of the 6th international conference on Information processing in sensor networks 519 - 528 , 2007.

L Lazos, R Poovendran, JA Ritcey On the Deployment of Heterogeneous Sensor Networks for Detection of Mobile Targets Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc and Wireless WiOpt 2007. 5th International Symposium on 16-20 April 2007, pp 1-10

A Ishimaru, A. Ritcey, J. Jaruwatanadilok, S. Kuga, Y A MIMO propagation channel model in a random medium Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, 2007 IEEE 9-15 June 2007, pp. 1341-1344

Polprasert, C. Ritcey, J.A. A comparison of Nakagami and Ricean phase difference distributions, Communications, Computers and Signal Processing, 2007. PacRim 2007. IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on 22-24 Aug. 2007, pp. 90-93

Polprasert, C. Ritcey, J.A. A novel stochastic model and fast generation method for Nakagami fading channels 4-7 Nov. 2007 Asilomar 1212-1214

Ritcey, J.A. Copula Models for Wireless Fading and their Impact on Wireless Diversity Combining 4-7 Nov. 2007 Asilomar, 1564-1567

Chih-Wei Huang Sukittanon, S. Ritcey, J.A. Chindapol, A. Jenq-Neng Hwang An Embedded Packet Train and Adaptive FEC Scheme for VoIP Over Wired/Wireless IP Networks Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2006. ICASSP 2006 Proceedings. 2006 IEEE International Conference on14-19 May 2006

Chih-Wei Huang; A. Chindapol; J.A. Ritcey; J.-N.Hwang, "Link Layer Packet Loss Classification for Link Adaptation in WLAN," Information Sciences and Systems, 2006 40th Annual Conference on , pp.603-608, 22-24 March 2006

D. Rouseff, W. Fox, John Flynn, James A. Ritcey, " Decision Directed Passive Phase Conjugation for Underwater Acoustic Communications: Experimental Results,'' in Proceedings Oceans 2002.

J.A. Ritcey, "Best and Worst Case Correlation Matrices for MRC,'' in Proceedings International Symposium on Wireless Communications, Victoria, BC, 2002.

Current & Recent Projects

Adaptive Techniques for Underwater Acoustic Communications (ONR)

Bit Interleaved Coded Modulation (NSF)

Space Time Interference Rejection for GPS (ONR)

Underwater Acoustic Communications using Passive Phase Conjugation (ONR)

Circular Array Space Time Adaptive Processing (ONR)

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