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Max Parsons

Director, Quantum Technologies Training and Testbed (QT3) Lab
Photonics and Nano Devices
ECE 222 and B023
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: 206-543-9689


As director of the Quantum Technologies Training and Testbed (QT3) Lab, Max Parsons's work focuses on creating a quantum processor testbed based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond, building state-of-the-art characterization tools for quantum information science and engineering, and developing instructional labs and other tools for hands-on practical training. Max completed his PhD in 2016 under the supervision of Markus Greiner at Harvard University, where he developed techniques for laser cooling and atom-resolved imaging of fermionic lithium atoms in optical lattices for quantum simulation experiments. Prior to joining UW in 2022, Max worked as a scientist at Reality Labs (Meta) where he worked on augmented reality display systems, involving research on pupil replicating waveguides, laser beam scanning projectors, novel emitters, and digital holographic imaging. Max also worked as a scientist at Atom Computing, developing gate-based quantum computers based on arrays of neutral atoms trapped in optical tweezers. In addition to a number of academic publications, Max is an inventor on more than 20 patents in the fields of mixed reality and quantum computing.

Research Projects

See the QT3 Lab website for project details.

Recent Publications

  • Single chip superluminous light emitting diode array for waveguide displays, Maxwell Parsons, US Patent 10168537 (2019)
  • A cold-atom Fermi-Hubbard antiferromagnet, Anton Mazurenko, Christie S Chiu, Geoffrey Ji, Maxwell F Parsons, Márton Kanász-Nagy, Richard Schmidt, Fabian Grusdt, Eugene Demler, Daniel Greif, Markus Greiner, Nature, 545, 462-466 (2017)
  • Site-resolved measurement of the spin-correlation function in the Fermi-Hubbard model, Maxwell F Parsons, Anton Mazurenko, Christie S Chiu, Geoffrey Ji, Daniel Greif, Markus Greiner, Science, 351, 953-957 (2016)
  • Site-resolved imaging of fermionic 6-Li in an optical lattice, Maxwell F Parsons, Florian Huber, Anton Mazurenko, Christie S Chiu, Widagdo Setiawan, Katherine Wooley-Brown, Sebastian Blatt, Markus Greiner, Physical Review Letters, 114, 213002 (2015)
  • Order of magnitude smaller limit on the electric dipole moment of the electron, J Baron, Wesley C Campbell, David DeMille, JM Doyle, Gerald Gabrielse, YV Gurevich, PW Hess, Nicholas R Hutzler, E Kirilov, I Kozyryev, BR O’Leary, CD Panda, MF Parsons, ES Petrik, B Spaun, AC Vutha, AD West, Science, 343, 269-272 (2014)