Adaptive Computing Machines and Emulators Lab

EE1-307, EE Department, University of Washington

FPGAs are devices that can be programmed and reprogrammed to implement complex digital logic. These devices enable radically faster, lower power, and lower cost solutions to problems in logic simulation, digital signal processing, and general-purpose computing. Researchers in the University of Washington's ACME Lab investigate the potential of FPGAs in multiple domains. This includes Adaptive Computing, the harnessing of FPGAs for general-purpose computing, and Logic Emulation, the use of multi-FPGA systems to accelerate logic simulation.

These efforts are made possible by grants, contracts, and donations from the following sources.

ACME Labs is housed in the 307 suite in the new EE/CSE Building, housing multiple high-end workstations. Researchers also have access to significant computing resources within the EE department.

Many of our systems can be found in our gitbub repo.