Robert Bruce Darling, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle
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Former Doctoral Students

Name Ph.D. Dissertation Title Date
John E. Samaras Application of Surface Chemical Modification to Nonalloyed Ohmic Contactson n-type Gallium Arsenide Aug. 15, 1990
Hyoung Jo Youn Response Characteristics of Aluminum-Gallium-Arsenide/Gallium-Arsenide Photoconductors in Bulk and Multiple Quantum Well Structures Dec. 6, 1990
Arash K. Kia Modeling the Effects of Many Valley Electron Scattering on the Current-Voltage Characteristics of Resonant Tunneling Diodes May 31, 1994
William T. Dietze Resonant Tunneling Devices: Response Time, Escape Time, and the Influence of Interface Roughness Aug. 15, 1995
Mohammad Azadeh Current Mode Processing and Architecture for Optoelectronically Interconnected Arrays July 18, 2000
Rachel A. Yotter A Network Model of the Hippocampus Nov. 27, 2007
Shiho Iwanaga Thermoelectric Properties and Applications of Sodium-Doped Vanadium Pentoxide Thin Films Mar. 3, 2008
Lisa K. Lafleur Air-Driven Disposable Microfluidic Devices for the DxBox:  Multiplexed Immunoassay Detection for the Developing World Dec. 1, 2010
Leo L. Lam Determining Optimal Discharge Strategy for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries Using Multiphysics Simulation May 29, 2014
Zhenni (Jenny) Wan Resistive Switching Effects of Vanadium Pentoxide Thin Film (Co-advised with Prof. M. P. Anantram) Feb. 14, 2018
Rahil Jain Smartphones for Control and Detection of Rapid Diagnostics Tests (Co-advised with Prof. Barry Lutz) Mar. 7, 2018

Former Masters Students

Name Master's Thesis Title Date
Mazin R. Al-Alusi Impedance Characteristics of DH Semiconductor Laser Diodes: Implementation of High-Level Injection Theory Dec. 2, 1987
Steven J. Zurek A Study of the Elevated Temperature Performance of an AlGaAs/InGaAs Pseudomorphic Modulation Doped Field Effect Transistor May 19, 1992
Christopher D. Nilson Shunting Neural Net Imagers in Analog CMOS June 3, 1993
Bryan L. Davis Design and Analysis of a Short Wavelength Transimpedance Fiber Optic Receiver Amplifier Utilizing Optoelectronics in the Feedback Path for Increased Sensitivity and Dynamic Range June 8, 1993
Shahriar Mostarshed Determination of Photon Injected Minority Carrier Lifetime from Wavelength Dependence of AC Photocurrent in Electrolyte-Insulator-Semiconductor Structures Nov. 10, 1994
Stevan B. Saban Multielement Electrochemical Sensors for Trace Metal Analysis in Aqueous Solutions Nov. 8, 1995
Troy Gilliland Multi-Channel Signal Detection for Underwater Sonar Applications May 31, 1996
Jianyang Xu Practical Modeling of Electromechanical MEMS Transducers June 10, 1999
Leo L. Lam Application of Focused Ion Beam Milling to Trimming MEMS Mar. 14, 2000
Tai A. Lam Physical Modeling and Experimental Validation of Microelectromechanical (MEMS) Beams June 10, 2000
Tom Christiansen Conductivity Imaging System July 30, 2002
Ravi R. Naik Nanoband Oxygen Sensors Aug. 21, 2002
Frank J. Schumacher IV Adaptive Imaging for Optical Microscopy Through the Use of a Digital Illumination Module May 30, 2003
Shiho Iwanaga Multi-Electrochromism of Vanadium Pentoxide Thin Films Using AFM Nanolithography June 3, 2003
Maria Nikolova Medical Airway Pressure and Flow Sensor June 15, 2003
Juan Huang Characterization and Modeling of Total Ionization Dose Effects on Partially-Depleted SOI CMOS Devices Apr. 22, 2005
Eric K. Black A Comparison of ESD Protected 2.4 GHz 180 nm Low Noise Amplifiers Mar. 9, 2007
Ramkumar Sivakumar On-Chip Temperature Sensing System for Deep Sub-Micron CMOS Feb. 18, 2009
Byron Wong On-Chip Temperature Sensing and Conversion in Deep Submicron CMOS May 19, 2009
Bonghoe Kim Flow-Through PIN Photodiodes for Integrated Micro Diagnostic Biosensors Mar. 14, 2014
Brian Magnuson Predicting Energy Consumption for Potential Effective Use in Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Management Using Driver Prediction Mar. 8, 2017
Kyle Lashbrook Development of a Health Watch for Monitoring the Daily Effects of Stress and Disease Aug. 3, 2017