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Mark Damborg

Mark Damborg
Professor Emeritus
Energy Systems
234 PAC
Box 352500
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: (206) 543-9667

University of Michigan 1969 Ph.D.
University of Michigan 1963 MS
Iowa State University 1962 BS


Mark Damborg received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan. Since 1969, Professor Damborg has been with the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Washington.

Professor Damborg served as Associate Dean of Research and Facilities in the College of Engineering from July 1994 to September 1997.

His research interests concern analysis and control of dynamic systems with emphasis on power systems. Associated interests include database applications to computer-aided engineering systems.


1991 Prize Paper Award, IEEE Power System Relaying Committee
1969 Distinguished Achievement Award, Univ. of Michigan
1966 Fulbright Fellow, Delft Technological Univ

Research Interests

Management and control of electric power systems using expert systems, neural networks and CAE. Applications of control theory. Engineering applications of database management systems.

Selected Publications

Electric Load Forecasting using an Artificial Neural Network," (with D.C. Park et al.), Proceedings IEEE/PES Summer Meeting, Minneapolis 1990, also in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 6, No. 2, May 1991, pp. 442-449, also in Artificial Neural Networks, ed: E. Sanchez-Sinencio and C. Lau, IEEE Press 1992.

"An Analog ëNeural Netí Based Suboptimal Controller for Constrained Discrete Time Linear Systems," (with M. Sznaier), Automatica, Vol. 28, No. 1, 1992, pp. 139-144.

"Towards Static-Security Assessment of a Large-Scale Power System Using Neural Networks," (with S. Weerasooriya et al.), IEE Proceedings C, Vol. 139, No. 1, January 1992, pp. 64-70.

"Possible Applicability of Artificial Neural Network Hardware to Power System Computation," (with J.T. Connor and L.E. Atlas), Proceedings American Power Conference, Vol. 54-II, Chicago, Ill., April 1992, pp. 1451-1456.

"An Integrated Model- and Rule-Based Approach to Design of Automatic Switching for Subtransmission Lines," (with T.K. Ma, C.C. Liu and M. Chang), Proceedings, 18th PICA Conference, Phoenix, AZ, May 1993, also IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 750-756.

Conference Papers

"Specification of Computer-aided-design of Transmission Protection Systems," Final Report, EPRl Research Project, RP 1764-6, August 1983 (with S.S. Venkata).

"User Manual for Computer Aided Protection System," Draft, Prepared for EPRl Research Project RP2444-2, July 1985 (with S.S. Venkata).

"Development of Expert Systems as On-Line Power System Operational Aids," (with C.C. Liu), Final Report EL-5635, EPRl, February 1988.

"Computer-Aided Relay Protection Coordination," (with 5.5. Venkata, R. Ramaswami, A. Jampala), Final Report EL-6145, Electric Power Research Institute, RP2444-2, December 1988.

"CRAFT: On-Line Expert System for Customer Restoration and Fault Testing," Vol. 1-5 (with C.C. Liu), Final Report EL-6680, Electric Power Research Institute, RP2944-1, 1990.

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